The city of Braddock is understood through a dense filter of what is being said about it. 

The Project Person Project: Brought To You by the #ENDOFNOW is a reflection of this filter and the confusion it causes. 

Originally, the #ENDOFNOW (and its leader, GUY) was an entity unrelated to the city of Braddock. It is a fictional and vague organization that mirrors contemporary propaganda (and makes its own) in order to re-contextualize the forms that aggressively engage us as consumers, Internet users, and interactive people. 

The opportunity to show this work in Braddock, however, shifted the focus from general propaganda to the propaganda associated here. A simple Google search will prove just how dense the narrative is and how many people want their opinion heard. 

The Project Person Project is a way for GUY and the the #ENDOFNOW to question the forms that the people involved (more specifically, the movers and shakers who want to "save" it) in Braddock have chosen to use. 

It aims to point to the problematic: depictions of power, nostalgia, socio-economic roles, and the ever-complex question of who should feel responsible.